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It is with great passion and enthusiasm that we take this opportunity to present you our services, ideals and values, result of the devotion and daily commitment of our team.

Nature and Traditions

Nature and Traditions

As a Destination Management Company (DMC), we develop both standard and taylor-made exclusive programs since 2013, offering our visitors experiences and close contact with Nature and local traditions.

As people, we provide genuine and unique moments that make us feel alive and connected with something grandiose, which is only and simply our pure, true essence.

In a time and society where unquestionable life stereotypes are imposed, it is our mission to remember that we are part of the natural universe, with local roots and stories and that we share this planet with countless other beings and life forms, many of them much older than ourselves...

Splendid Evasion

Splendid Evasion

Therefore, a SPLENDID EVASION is the combination of all the cultural and civilizational wealth of this fantastic country with the universal essence that unites Mankind: NATURE!

Proudly we provide our visitors with unique and customized experiences, or else you are more than welcome to select one of our standard programs. Express your interests and desires, choose the length of your stay and... relax! We will take charge of everything else: accommodation, meals, personal tour guides, transfers...





For every destination we select, we privilege the local resources and the support of the local people as well, strongly believing that this is the only way to contribute to a real sustainable development in each region.

It is time for you to venture yourself, because we can assure you our local tour guides know the paths, rivers, mountains and villages like the back of their hand - embark on this adventure and discover the genuine and unique Heritage of Portugal!





The Splendid Team! Meet Pedro founding member and Managing Director.

A dreamer that is passionate about Portugal’s history, culture and nature.

Where are you from and where do you live? From Porto, live in Vila Nova de Gaia but already lived in Glasgow and Lisbon;

Any Kids? 1 boy;

Hobbies? Sports, volleyball, football, beach, hiking, kayak, guitar, music, movies;

Favourite place in Portugal? The mountains, trees and rivers of Peneda-Gerês National Park, Vicentina Coast beaches, Mirandês Plateâu and Douro Arribas, Azores Islands and its sea life;

Favourite Season? Can’t live without any of them! Love them all!;

Favourite food? I live in a blessed country when speaking about food, to name only one dish would be like an impossible mission! Just a few to open the appetite: Seafood “açorda”, grilled sole, Serra da Estrela goat cheese, Alentejo sausages, conventual sweets, baked cod fish, I could go forever on this… One thing? Does red wine counts as well? LOL. Honorary mentions from other countries: Mexican Tacos and sushi!;

Guilty Pleasure? Red wine, “sweet eggs”, caramel and blueberries;

Best thing about your job? Our guests! Getting to know them, share emotions and having the chance to provide great memories…Being able to provide local and sustainable development!;

3 words that describe you? Creator, friendly and pure!



The Splendid Team! Meet São our External Business Consultant

Passionate about travelling especially in the company of her family and constantly looking for new ventures to experience with them!

Where are you from and where do you live? From Madeira Island, live between Belfast, Lisbon and Porto … I know!!!!
Any Kids? A beautiful couple and a younger girl.
Hobbies? Cooking, Gardening, beach walks, Netflix.
Favourite place in Portugal? There are so many, sunset over the ocean in Porto Santo, Madeira; Pic-Nic by the Alqueva in Alentejo, the wonderful streets of Lisbon, the colourful fruit markets all over.
Favourite Season? Can’t pick just one the never ending Spring in Portugal, love to see the colour change in the landscape, and Summer.
Favourite food? Espetada Madeirense, a typical dish in Madeira, skewered meat in laurel stick in a barbecue, by the sea or in the mountain!
Guilty Pleasure? Salted Caramel Chocolate & Icecream.
Best thing about your job? My team, how it can be creative and different everyday and the flexibility to meet our guests when they arrive.
3 words that describe you: mother, reliable & determined.



The Splendid Team! Meet Nuno Travel Specialist and Project Manager

For him calm days are the most uninteresting ones and therefore he always prefers the healthy rush of busy days!

Where are you from and where do you live? Porto but I live on the other side of Douro River, in Gaia.

Any KidsYes, a 13-year old boy and everything that entails.

Hobbies? Culture and sports.

Favourite place in Portugal? Sunny days in the Algarve (reminds me of my childhood) and the sunset in the Alentejo region.

Favourite Season? Summer. There\'s nothing better than wearing a t-shirt and flip flops all day!

Favourite food? Any dish including cod.

Guilty Pleasure? A good lie-in.

Best thing about your job? Team spirit and complicity among all colleagues team & showing and talking about Portugal to our guests.

3 words that describe you: Sincere, empathetic and committed.



The Splendid Team! Meet César Travel Specialist and Project Manager

An enthusiastic, funny and welcoming team player. He considers his work as an extension to his hobbies!

Where are you from and where do you live? Porto Living between Granja and Chaves
Any Kids? Not yet
Hobbies? Gym, Walking and karting
Favourite place in Portugal? Porto
Favourite Season? Summer, I love the good weather, our wonderful sunsets and the beach
Favourite food? The typical Francesinha
Guilty Pleasure? Apple crumble and Ice-cream
Best thing about your job? My team, the environment my lovely guests and the challenge to create innovate and make dreams come true!
3 words that describe you: Outgoing, Friendly & Dedicated

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