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Founded in 1143 due to the heroic achievements of its 1st King, Afonso Henriques, Portugal is currently one of the oldest nations in the world.
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  • The trip came off exactly as planned and was perfectly what we expected! Our two-week trip in Portugal was fantastic. Our travel company took care of all the planning for each day, with our input, and they were available to us for the entire trip. We really enjoyed the experiences that Splendid Evasion arranged for us, especially ones that we would not have known about or had access to. We were able to immerse ourselves in the local culture including, for example, private boat tours, walking tours, food tastings, and a personalized cooking class just for the two of us. Their selections were spot on to what we were looking for, and their ability to make any changes on the fly, if needed, gave us tremendous comfort. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone looking to make the most of their visit to Portugal.
    Steven B. Oct, 2022
  • Excellent tour! "Excellent tour group. Made our experience very interesting."
    Marjorie & Angus Fulton (USA) - April 2016
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