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Portugal is nowadays referenced as an example of exclusivity and exemplary quality in the Wine World.

Due to our geological characteristics and climatic diversity, alongside with centennial traditions, it is possible to present excellence wines awarded in numerous international competitions, some of which are truly unique, like Port Wine or the typical Green Wine.

Proud of this genuine heritage, Splendid Evasion develops custom-made itineraries according to your preferences, availability, aim and wishes: visit farmhouses and wine properties, vineyards and cellars in several regions of the country, tasting the different wine types, all of them duly accredited by our best winemakers.

At certain times of year we also offer the irresistible chance of being part of the whole process, from grape harvesting to bottling. From our Douro Valley tours to Alentejo, you\'ll find yourself immersed in the Portuguese Wine culture; it\'s part of its tradition, and part of its history.