Desertas & the Dolphins

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  • madeira
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  • Nature
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A day spent with the sea, full of emotions but at the same time relaxing!

Our journey begins in Funchal. We head toward the Desert Island, in a sailing trip that will surely surprise us with some of our friends cetaceans, dolphins, turtles and more.

Once in Desert Island, surrounded by rocks and with some caves, we will have the opportunity to swim in these crystal clear waters; snorkeling and paddle are two of the activities also available. Lunch is on board or, if you wish, a take away pic nic. After lunch, we suggest a short walk to the Natural Park of the Desert, where a brief explanation of the geological formation of the island will be given, also showing the endangered species that this natural park is trying to protect. Before leaving Desert Island, you will be given another chance to dive into these waters.

Back at the boat we start the return journey, which will take about two hours, but it can be longer if we find more cetaceans and the group wants to “escort” them.