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We start the day with a journey of sensations, the Barefoot Path, a route of about 800 meters and as the name implies, it’s done without shoes.

It consists of 17 natural elements of Madeira and Porto Santo, pine cones, wood, eucalyptus berries, gravel, mud, spark, black and yellow sand, pine bark, bay leaf, pebble stones, as well as the grass, that makes up the course; you will also be in contact with about 40 endemic plants of Madeira. This natural massage done by the pressure of your body in contact with the natural elements is a unique experience in many ways. Relaxes your mind, but above all its lots of fun!

Lunch is included, in which most of the ingredients are home grown or purchase locally. It will essentially be a vegetarian meal

In the afternoon we will be going down a 2 hours (2km) path, known as “Path of the Locals", an ancient and quite difficult hike as the access was, often covered with heavy loads on their backs, it was the only connection to the sea coast. This trail is an authentic heritage, crosses the slope with zigzag floor paved in small steps, ingenious and arduous paths built by the people to overcome the isolation. The waterfalls and the unique endemic flora exclusive of these high slopes, such as the “Massaroco” (Echiumnervosum) and “Figueira do Inferno” (Euphorbia piscatoria), they all contribute to make this a discovery trail.

At the end of the trail we will reach the sea, where a refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean is the well deserved reward.